Come join us for 36 hours of learning, creating, and hacking in a city known for its technological innovations. With access to a multitude of the best hardware on the market you’ll have the chance to design and build anything you ever dreamed of.

Event Timeline:

Friday 6:30 PM Attendee Registration Main hall
  Dinner Conference room 1
  Sponsor expo Main hall
  8:00 PM Opening Ceremonies Main hall
  9:00 PM Chatime Booth (free bubble tea) Conference room 1
  Team formation, networking  
  11:00 PM Hacking Starts  
Saturday 9:30 AM Coffee + Breakfast Conference room 1
  10:00 AM Workshop (Hacking with Pebble) Conference room 2
  12:00 PM Lunch Served Conference room 1
  12:30 PM Workshops Conference room 2
  2:00 PM uForis Tech Talk Conference room 2
  2:30 PM Olson Tech Talk (subject to change) Conference room 2
  9:00 PM Chatime Booth (free bubble tea) Conference room 2
Sunday 9:30 AM Breakfast Conference room 1
  11:00 AM Devpost submissions due  
  12:00 PM Lunch Served Conference room 1
  Hacking ends  
  1:00 PM Hacker Expo Main hall
  2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Finalists Announced Main hall
  Prizes + Finale Main hall

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,325 in prizes

First Place

Entry into an Accelerator Centre Program.
Free rent for a month, conditional on signing a year lease with Domus Student Housing.
Pebble Time Watches for team members (up to 4)
Lot's of Chatime goodies.

Second Place

$200.00 gift card to hardware.
Some Chatime goodies

Third Place

$100.00 gift card for hardware. Few Chatime goodies.

Community Favourite

Feel the love because we got you... a chocolate bunny, beanies, and congratulatory balloons.

Twilio Prize

Raspberry Pi 3 Maker Kit (x3)

Top 5 Projects (5)

Entry into an Accelerator Centre program.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Clinton Ball

Clinton Ball
Accelerator Centre Manager, Client Services

Ian Pilon

Ian Pilon
Founder of Internet of Things Waterloo

Isabel Pedersen

Isabel Pedersen
Associate Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

James Hobson

James Hobson
CEO and founder, Hacksmith Industries

Jack Gao

Jack Gao
N36 alumni, Tempest Insight

Judging Criteria

  • Innovativeness/Creativity
    -Is it something new? Have you never seen an idea like this before? -Is the new idea meaningful?
  • Complexity
    -Is the project composed of many different parts? -Does the project require skill to assemble (and is mostly assembled)? -Does the project demonstrate a lot of thought?
  • Usability/Quality
    -Is this project something you or someone you know would want to use? -How close is the project to being usable/final project? -Is the project usable for many (different) people? -How complete is the project? -Is the project easy to use?
  • Impact
    -Would this help improve quality of life? -Is this something the participants are interested in pursuing further? -Does the project consider a broader world view? -Could the project have positive impact on the environment
  • Diversity/Inclusivity
    -Does the project consider marginalized groups? -Does the project consider different body types? -Would the project help increase access for individuals who sometimes are unable to access needed or desired resources?
  • Design
    -How aesthetically pleasing is the project? -Did thought go into project design? -Does the project combine quality design with quantitative complexity? -Does the design contribute to user experience?
  • Project Specific Evaluations
    a.Body As An Input (Wearable/Voice Tech) -Does it use the WHOLE body? -Does it consider different body types in its design? b.Environment As An Experience (IoT) -Does it fit well with the environment it was designed in? -How well versatile is this idea?

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